How to make Jollof rice?


Jollof rice


500 g

Long grain rice

3 cooking spoons

 Margarine /Vegetable oil

2 pieces

 Large Onions

6 pieces

Red chili peppers

3 pieces

large Fresh tomatoes

3 tablespoons

 Tomato puree

1 clove


Bay leaves


3 cubes


500 g


100 g

Boiled seasoned snails

40 g

Cooked green peas

2 pieces

Smoked stock fish (optional)

50 g


A Bunch of plantain bananas

500 ml


Steps to prepare as follows

Dissolve the margarine or pour 1 cooking spoon of plant oil in a deep cooking pan, add cut onion till somewhat brown, add grated garlic, tomato puree, slice red chili pepper and small grated ginger, stir altogether, add other seasoning – leave to fry for 3 minutes then add water.

          Enhance the rice and bay leaf (optional) to above.

In additional cooking pan boil the shrimps, crab, and snails together, add a bit of seasoning till cooked at that time add or separately boil green peas inside for 2 minutes.

          Season the chicken and grill with onions, a bit of garlic and ginger.

Check the rice, if nearly done, or bring to boil, add the shrimps, green peas either to garnish or to add to rice depending on you.

Melt small cooking spoon of oil into frying pan, slice a bit of onion, chopped red chili pepper, a little tomato puree, add the snail, crab, smoke stock fish and grilled chicken. Stir, add seasoning and fry for 10 minutes to make sauce.

Check rice if fine cooked. Gently stir up from the root with a woody spoon because of the sauce settled at the lowest. If done, garnish with cooked and boiled green peas, fried plantain and the sauce. Serve with your favorite beverage.


Grate instead of chopping the garlic and ginger into the dish in Step 1 for a sweeter unique flavor to the dish. The labeled recipe can serve about 4 persons.