9 Reasons why we should eat one teaspoon of sesame every day

  1. Dental diseases

Sesame has the ability to strengthen your teeth and has a positive effect on the health of the mouth and gums, and it is also used for reducing inflammation, infections, and plaque.


  1. It strengthens the cardiovascular system

Sesame has the ability to lower the blood pressure and the risk of occurrence of heart disease. If you eat it in a combination with honey, it will strengthen your immune system, and you will also stimulate your mental and physical health and improve the quality of hair and skin.


  1. Antioxidant

Sesame contains two unique compounds from the group of lignan – sesamin and sesamolin. The results of recent studies show the importance of the role of sesame in strengthening our body and have a role in the fight against free radicals. Sesame is also very useful in the fight against severe diseases such as bowel cancer and throat and the struggle for better health in general.


  1. Skin health and beauty

Sesame oil calms irritations, because it contains vitamin E and zinc. It acts on the health of skin elasticity and slows the process of premature aging and wrinkles.


  1. Analgesic

Topical application on the affected areas shows the influence of sesame oil as great in reducing pain. It is recommended for the weak supply of tissues with blood and poor circulation.


  1. Aphrodisiac

With regular consumption of sesame, the risk of impotence in men it I decreased and has a positive effect on strengthening and stimulation of vital functions and the strengthening of the reproductive tissue.


  1. Regulates menstrual cycle

For this reason, sesame is recommended as part of the diet of any woman, especially in the premenstrual period. Otherwise, it reduces menstrual pain and relieves symptoms of PMS.


  1. It strengthens bones

Sesame is rich in calcium and it has a great impact on deep penetration into tissue. It has a great importance in maintaining the health and strength of our bones. It is especially recommended for people suffering from osteoporosis.


  1. Nutritional tonic

Sesame is a mild laxative and easily regulates digestion and bowel work as well as the overall functioning of the digestive system.