Lung cancer is one of the fatal forms of cancer because its signs are hard to notice in the first stages of the disease. Once the symptoms are usually diagnosed the disease has progressed to the 3rd stage. In fact, almost 40% of the patients are diagnosed when this disease reaches the 3rd stage.



Lung cancer in the primary stages can‘t be diagnosed with x-rays because it does not show up on the images. CT scans are much more effective, so it’s suggested that people between 55 and 80 and all the active smokers who smoke for more than 10 years to undergo CT scans in order to make sure they are not in danger.

Though, there are certain symptoms of primary stage lung cancer we should all be acquainted with so that we can have the upper hand and stand in fighting a chance if such an unfortunate situation happens. Here are 7 of the most usual primary symptoms of lung cancer you should look out for:


  1. Whistling/ Wheezing

We all know how standard breathing sounds like and we can with no trouble notice if some breathing irregularities happen. If you notice whistling or wheezing sounds while you breathe normally it is best to check with your doctor and describe your symptoms to him. It doesn’t essentially have to mean that you have lung cancer; the wheezing could be a sign of some other benign medical condition which is easily treated, like inflamed or obstructed airways. But it is always for the best to check and be certain.


  1. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath and problems with breathing are yet another symptom which is with no trouble attributed to a number of other medical situations, typically respiratory diseases. But this is as well one of the first signs of lung cancer which could happen because the tumor is blocking or narrowing the airways or there is a liquid build up in your chest. If you have breathing problems while performing the easiest tasks, which haven’t caused you any problems before you must see your doctor as soon as possible and explain these issues.


  1. Pain in the chest, back or shoulders

Pain in the chest, shoulders or back is something we typically attribute to some benign condition. But this is as well one of the first symptoms of lung cancer because it can be triggered by metastasis to the lymph nodes or the ribs. Even if you feel fit and healthy overall, if your back, chest or shoulders ache you repeatedly you need to see your doctor.


  1. Persistent cough

A persistent cough is a yet another symptom we need to look out for because it might be a sign of lung cancer. Nevertheless, if a cough stops in 2-3 weeks it is possibly some respiratory infection and there is nothing to worry about. But if not, and if you are coughing out mucus you must visit your doctor as soon as possible so he can determine what’s causing it. These are the changes you must look out for: recurrent coughing with hoarse and deeper sound, coughing up blood or extra mucus.


  1. Continuous headaches

If cancer has metastasized to the brain the affected person can start having consistent headaches, but it’s not always the case. It can as well be that the lung tumor presses the main vein which transports the blood to the brain from the upper part of the heart. Nevertheless, if you are experiencing consistent headaches you must see your doctor and discover the cause of the headaches.


  1. Bone pain

If you feel bone pain or even pain in any other part of the body you must see your doctor and describe your symptoms. It is a clear sign that something is wrong and you must find the root cause.


  1. Weight loss

If you have started losing weight noticeably without any reason you should check with your doctor to find out what’s wrong. It’s usual for a person suffering from cancer to start losing weight very fast because the cancer cells are draining the energy we get from the food and we’re burning calories without doing anything.